Oxfam Mill Road is an entrepreneurial award winning shop boasting its unique look and stock ranging from cd’s and vinyls to books and vintage clothing.

Our shop’s stock of vintage clothing is ever expanding and now bigger and better than ever. Taking care of our vintage collection is one of our experienced volunteers, Sophie whose experience and knowledge of vintage clothing has become very valuable to Oxfam Mill Road and it’s customers.

It now seems that what was once old, is now new. After putting on a vintage event last spring it was decided that after its success, we would have a permanent vintage section in the shop and as of September 2013 we have been selling vintage and retro clothing.



Our volunteer Sophie has dedicated herself to running our vintage section, giving 12 hours of her time a week to Oxfam Mill Road. Initially responding to an ad seeking somebody to join the ebay team, Sophie soon realised the potential for fashion in the shop, in particular, vintage fashion.

The opportunity was a catalyst for the beginning of a new era for the shop. For Sophie, fashion is purely a hobby but it is a big passion for her and it is this that drives the opportunity to bring vintage fashion into the shop.

In order to expand our vintage section in the shop, we need to approach as many people as we can to come into the shop. To do this, we are using means such as social media including facebook, twitter and this blog, we also use instagram to show our manikin displays and selection of vintage clothing.



We also plan to hand flyers out that are hand drawn and printed by one of our volunteers and hold a vintage fashion shop with a dj playing our own selection of records, all to build a bigger audience and increase sales and reputation of the shop.

Oxfam Mill Road is an attractive shop, alternative in looks and feel – it attracts a lot of students from around Cambridge who in turn donate back to the shop. Students are our main target audience as they tend to be arty and creative individuals who are fashion conscious and seeing as vintage clothing tends to be made of better quality materials and fashion trendy cuts and patterns you really can’t go wrong.


Generally speaking, clothing which was produced before the 1920s is referred to as antique clothing and clothing from the 1920s to 20 years before the present day is considered vintage. Retro, short for retrospective, or “vintage style” usually refers to clothing that imitates the style of a previous era.

Recycling Looks Good –
Vintage clothes have already been used once, and by wearing them again, you are recycling them. On a larger scale, you are not using your money to pay for the natural resources used in the production of a new item (fuel for shipping, energy to produce, etc.), you are not contributing to pollution (emissions from factories, dumping of dyes and chemicals, etc.), and you are saving those items from going into a landfill.


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