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Ophelia does Oxfam

Glam Ophelia

Ophelia Days came to visit us for the final time to sample the shops unique vintage fashion.
She’s provided us with a brilliant write up to give you an idea what unique items you can find!

Well hello dear readers and welcome aboard the good train ‘Ophelia does Oxfam’ for the second – and sadly – final time ­you are indeed bound for glory!

If you didn’t catch my first review, you can find that here.

We hope you having been out and about enjoying the rarity that is British Sunshine on the odd occasions that it has graced us with its presence.

Maybe you’ve even started thinking about putting away your winter wardrobe, like a much loved hibernating hedgehog, for another year and realising that you are not yet prepared for a summer of strappy tops, shorts and slingbacks.

Fear not! We are here to aid and assist you in finding those perfect pieces that complete your look, be it for a BBQ with your boss, a festival with your friends or a wedding with a woman whose name you can’t remember.

All of fashion is here ladies and gentlemen­. You just need a few minutes, a mentality for rummaging and a few bob in your purse! (Speaking of bobs, today we will be meeting one but more on that later).

On our second visit to Oxfam Mill Road, it being during the half ­term break, we were accompanied by the daughter ­herself, a budding quirky style queen and creator of many of Ophelia’s more outlandish outfits of old.

For her this was like a visit to a sweet shop with a free reign to indulge herself on whatever she wanted. She has never had a sweet tooth but her passion for vintage fashion and styling is delightful at times, but I’ll let you into a little secret dear readers…there were creative differences!

My goodness, I wasn’t expecting to suddenly find myself with fashions answer to Gordon Ramsey, but I did! She was like Gok on a bad day, Trinny in a tizz, Susannah in a strop! It was ‘No, not that hat!’, ‘Never should you put that with that!’, ‘I don’t care if the dress is back to front, that’s how she’s wearing it!’ and ‘Those colours together are a disaster!’.

Like a creative whirlwind she whipped through the rails leaving a slight trail of hangers and tags behind her and getting in the way of other shoppers. Anyway, hopefully you will like the results!

Before the requisite refreshments could be sorted we had a quick catch up with Bob, a man many of you will already know, a familiar face to anyone who frequents Mill Rd.

He’s a champion of the compliment, who ensures that no visitor to the shop gets away without experiencing the charisma and friendliness that he exudes (and that goes for Our Ophelia too as you will see!).

Bob McKay, a mere 58, has lived in the area a long long time, excluding a 5 year interval in the sunnier climes of Gran Canaria and has been witness to many changes. Bob came back from Spain 15 years ago and told me that there used to be a saying that went “If you can’t get it down Mill Road you can’t get it anywhere.”

Times have undoubtedly changed the area but Bob feels Mill Road is still a good little community. He has worked at Oxfam Mill Rd as a volunteer dishing out change and charm in equal measure for the last 3 years.

He also volunteers at Romsey Mill Community Chest shop and I can remember him working there when it was where the Black Cat Cafe now stands. In fact, there is not many a charity shop on Mill Rd that Bob hasn’t worked at.

He tells me he loves the customer relations, the banter, the friendliness and does it because its good for Oxfam and its good for him. Well, its great for us and long may it continue!

Deidre wondered if she should give up on her dream of getting Billy to be her Piano Man…

Sasha and Tasha were both on the hunt for a standout special something they could wear to the Street Dancing Twins convention they had organised for September.
After leaving her husband that morning, Coral hoped that Bob would be true to his word.
 After leaving her husband that morning, Coral hoped that Bob would be true to his word.

Unfortunately it’s time for us to go for now dear readers. We’ve had fun and frolics in the treasure trove that is Oxfam Mill Road but other jobs are calling and Ophelia has had to don her cape and pants and run to their rescue.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the photos in this blog and the last and that they encourage you to enhance your wardrobe with a few timeless pieces from the shop!

Don’t forget you can keep up with Ophelia on Twitter,  liking her Facebook page or best of all by checking in to her personal blog.