Volunteers! We need YOU!



The marvellous Mill Rd Oxfam store is kept ticking along by a dedicated team of volunteers. From the window displays, to working the till, to writing these blog posts; each volunteer brings their valued skills to the table, and all for a great cause.

We caught up with Margo who’s been with us for a few months, and asked her of her experience helping out in store.


Name: Margo.

What sorts of things do you do here at Oxfam Mill Rd?

I do a mix of things actually, like pricing and steaming clothes*. I help cash up sometimes and help Mungo (the manger) with the accounting on Saturdays.

Wow, that’s quite a mix of things. 

Yes, I enjoy the variety.

What made you decide to volunteer for Oxfam?

Well, I’m currently finishing off a three year degree in Management in France and wanted to gain some experience abroad. I chose Oxfam because I think they’re a great organisation.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering here?

It’s rewarding to know that you’re doing things to help other people. Not only do I feel useful in the shop but I know that what I’m doing here helps people across the world also.

What would you say to those who are thinking about volunteering here at Oxfam Mill Rd?

It’s a good experience. You get to meet people from other places – both locally and abroad. It’s great to meet people from other cultures and it’s a fun atmosphere to work in. Sign up!



You can find out more about volunteering for Oxfam via the Oxfam website. Alternatively you can pop in store or email Mungo the manager at oxfamshopf2504(at)oxfam.org.uk.

Check in again soon when we’ll be catching up with more volunteers in store.

Tweet us with any questions @oxfammillroad


*before clothes are put in store, they are freshened up using a steamer.

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