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Ophelia Days visits Oxfam Mill Road!


Ophelia does Oxfam (Mill Rd) #1


Greetings dear readers! A hearty hello to those familiar the phenomenon that is Mannequin Extraordinaire Ophelia Days and for those of you who we meet for the first time ‘Welcome Aboard’ the good but often course-less ship Ophelia! We are delighted to be joining forces with the wonder that is Oxfam Mill Road in our efforts to get you well and truly vintaged up! We’ll be reporting monthly from this beaut of a shop on the best bargains your money can buy and all for a cracking cause!

Before we begin here’s a little bit of background for those of you in need…Ophelia Days began her current celebrity lifestyle one summers day four years ago when she was spotted for sale in an Ely charity shop for the mere price tag of £10! Snapped up and provided with a wardrobe no-one can match, Ophelia took on a life of her own which was then reported in the blog section of her website Over the years Ophelia has assumed characters, had hilarious days out, been gifted a random selection of presents and scared a lot of the unsuspecting as they wander in to our living room.

It seems very fitting that Ophelia is returning to a charity shop, this time not as a sale item but as a promoter of all that is pre-loved and precious. Every four weeks Ophelia will take you on a little tour of the latest looks, some must-buy books and she will explore all the nooks and crannies of this treasure trove of a shop. She is also hoping to interview staff and explore the hidden gem that is ‘The Back Room’ so you can really get to know your local Oxfam shop.

Cambridge is blessed with a lovely selection of charity shops but this one is like no other! Much like Ophelia it has a complete and colourful character of its own. It’s like walking in to a magpies nest or Fagins secret stash of finds. In one morning alone Ophelia managed to find a hat from Christys of London, pearls a-plenty and enough silk scarves to make a ships sail! The shop,situated at the bottom of Mill Rd incase you didn’t know (or is it the top?), boasts an actual tardis, a retro phone booth, a dressing room akin to Mr Benns boudoir and a piano incase you get a sudden urge to tinkle the ivories!

After spending a morning at the shop for Ophelia’s first photo shoot it became clear that this place is a hive of activity, a community hub for chat and creativity as well as for a new pair of exciting trousers but be warned…stand still long enough and you may find yourself decoupaged in vintage copies of the Beano!

Through fear of being put to work out the back with the steamer Ophelia volunteered to crack on at a pace with displaying a variety of the wonderful wares the rails have to offer. Sophie is the woman in the know and the one to go to. So off we went to find her. She is the volunteer in charge of the vintage section who dedicates her time to sorting the wheat from the chaff (and believe me there is some serious wheat!), preparing it for the floor, styling the mannequins and a whole host of other excellent jobs. She is working hard at promoting the vintage section and is making a cracking job of it! After making me a lovely cuppa she kindly led Ophelia in finding the best outfits and accessories, offering brilliant styling advice where needed. Feast your eyes below at her five looks of the day…which one takes your fancy?


Barbara wistfully recalled the time she uttered the words ‘Tonight Matthew I am Annie Lennox’ on Stars In Their Eyes 1994

(Eurythmics LP-£2.99, Dress-not yet on the rails, Headscarf-99p, Bracelet-49p, Wig-models own)


Deidre felt the new trainee hairdresser had taken her 6 weekly perm a step too far.

(Specs-£7.99, Impossibly tiny purple velvet trousers-£4.99, Lovely top £2.99, Shawl-£forgot to look, sorry!)


With the help of a bit of encouraging reading material Saskia knew her days of feeling lonely and powerless were soon to be over.

(Christys of London hat-£35 (free feather), Jacket-£7.99, Red trousers-£4.99, Red Top-£3.99, Bag-£2.99, Book-£1.49)


Ricardo from Madrid regaled Bettina with tales of the time he passed up a skip full of free mannequins.(Woollen dress-£2.99, Bag-£2.99, Headscarf-£1.49, HairBow-99p, Marilyn wig-models own)


Beverley wondered if this jumper would convey her feelings for Logan clearly enough.

(Pink mini skirt-£2.99, Jumper of Love-£3.99, Belt-99p, Specs-models own, Attitude-models own)

Here’s hoping you feel inspired dear readers! Pop along if you get a chance soon and see what delights you can snap up!

Until next time…

Toodle Pip!