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Oxfam Mill Road Valentines Day Heart Campaign

We made £25 on our valentines day “donate a heart” campaign, where we gave people the opportunity to write a personalised message on a red heart and put it in our shop window for their loved ones for valentines day. This money will be going towards our “unwrapped” campaign which donates money for causes like safe water for schools.

Heart Campaign
Heart Campaign

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Poverty in Britain

Poverty in the UK

The UK is the seventh richest country in the world, but many people today are struggling to put food on the table. This is why Oxfam is working to ensure that everyone in the UK has enough income to feed themselves and their families with dignity.

We’re currently working with Church Action on Poverty because we think it’s a scandal for government policy to make people go without food. Please send an urgent message to your MP and call for an inquiry into the links between benefit sanctions and food poverty.



Oxfam/Lorna Sculley


Lorna, 33, works as a dinner lady and lives in Tower Hamlets, one of the poorest boroughs in London. Though she works as many hours as she can, putting food on the table for herself and her children has become harder and harder as her income has shrunk in comparison to the rising costs of living. Lorna has had to resort to going to a food bank more than once.

One in five people in the UK are living in poverty – and government spending cuts, along with the rising cost of living, are hitting those at the bottom hardest. More and more families are struggling to make ends meet.

Over a third of the population now say that they are just one large heating bill or one broken washing machine away from hardship. Many are finding it difficult to heat their homes or buy essential clothing.  Most shockingly, the number of people in the UK that are going hungry is growing.

Two children in every classroom in the UK are arriving at school having eaten no breakfast.  Many are going hungry because of a failure of the safety net.

Sir Michael Marmot, a health inequality expert at University College London says, that despite the vast wealth of this country, many people on low incomes simply don’t have enough money to feed themselves and this has a huge impact on their health. “In the most deprived part of the Westminster, life expectancy for men is 17 years shorter than in the richest part of the borough. That’s how big the health inequalities are in the UK,” he says.

Oxfam believes everyone in the UK – the seventh richest country in the world – should have enough to eat. This is why we are working with partners like the Trussell Trust, which runs a network of foodbanks all over the country, and FareShare, who collect surplus food from the food industry and distribute it community groups, homeless shelters and local cafés.

Last year, 350,000 people received food parcels from the Trussell Trust Foodbank Network and 43% of those people had to visit a food bank because of cuts or gaps in welfare payments.

We are also working with schools, a foodbank and a city farm in Tower Hamlets to improve access for children and their families to fresh and healthy food. It’s a scandal that people are going without food because of government policy.




The One Pound Difference

Oxfam £1


Here is an example of where every donation of £1.00 to Oxfam goes. It is so important that donations are given in order to help those most in need.

Here are examples of what kind of help is offered:

Emergency response

10 year old Reshma lives in Shahbaz camp with her extended family. They were displaced when floods hit Pakistan in the summer of 2010. Oxfam has been providing water and sanitation facilities for nearly 2,000 families who live in the camp.

Development work

We sent actor Bill Nighy to visit Oxfam’s development work in Tanzania, including a jewellery business and a primary school. In both cases, donations to Oxfam are helping people build their own futures.

Fundraising costs

Fundraising costs are a small but vital part of our expenditure. For every £1 we spend on fundraising, we get a return of £5 to spend on our work around the world. And it’s not just about marketing. Fundraising costs let us put on amazing events like Trailwalker UK, which raised £1m in sponsorship money in 2010.

Support and running costs.

Running costs pay to keep our emergency warehouse in Bicester staffed and ready at all times. When disasters strike, Oxfam is uniquely placed to respond quickly, with £1.7m of emergency equipment on standby to help cover every eventuality.

Campaigning for change

Getting politicians to take notice of the big issues around poverty takes time and money, but campaigning really works. In 2011, Sierra Leone celebrated its first year of free health care for mothers and children under five, thanks in part to UK aid money that Oxfam and its supporters persuaded the Government to give.